A Fixed Income Instruments (Debt Instruments) issued by Government or Corporate Institutions to raise capital as a loan. Bonds are often divided into different categories by its tax status, credit quality, issuer type, maturity and it’s a secured or an unsecured paper.

You can invest money into Fixed Income Instruments issued by different financial institutions, Banks, corporate, state, municipal corporations or the Central government with a promise to get your principal back, with regular interest payments.

These bonds also trade in the secondary market (a market where you can buy and sell these instruments even before maturity or post the bond get issued in primary market) and may get impacted by interest rates movements. As interest rates rise, bond prices fall and vise versa. But if you hold your bond until maturity, principal along with promised interest will be paid in full.


We bring in diverse set of bonds from primary as well as secondary market, Commercial Papers, Treasury Bills, Government Securities, Non-Convertible Debentures, State Development Loans, Public Sector Unit Bonds, Tax Free Bonds, Zero Coupon Bonds, Preference Shares, RBI Bonds 



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