An investment option; where people come together under one company/fund house; which invests money in different market options to earn profit for all. 

Mutual Funds are completely transparent, professionally managed; provide easy Withdrawals and better tax efficient/free returns.



Debt Funds- BETTER option than Bank Fixed Deposits (FD), as these funds gives better returns and are also TAX EFFICIENT in comparison to FDs. No investment in share markets, whatsoever.

  • Relatively Stable, Consistent in Nature.
  • Flexible in investing and withdrawal.
  • Higher Interest returns with tax efficiency.


Liquid Funds– The Best investment alternate to Saving and Current Bank Accounts and Generate Better interest than banks. Liquid funds are the safest product in Mutual Fund industry, wherein no money is invested into share markets. Banks, FI and Corporate invest huge amount in the Liquid Funds on daily basis.

  • Best option to Invest your surplus money.
  • Invest for as low as 01 day and earn returns.
  • Can invest for weekends or Bank holidays.


Equity Funds- Be the Owner and be the part of companies performance. These products are for you, only if you are looking to invest for longer period of time (more then 5years at least). Maximum amount is invested into Share market, wherein it involves risk and volatility. This way risk is been reduced very much in-comparison to investing directly into share markets. 

  • Ownership.
  • Invest in share market.
  • Your interest is linked to the profit and loss of the companies the selected scheme have invested in.
  • Long term Capital Gains on equity are taxable @ 10% in-excess of Rs.100000 per Financial year.
  • Dividends paid on equity are taxable by @ 10%.
  • Best suited for long term.
  • Compounding multiplies your returns.


Gold- Eyes are sparkling! Yes, we should diversify and invest in Gold also. However the best way to buy Gold is to buy Paper Gold. Paper gold provides the same feel of prosperity and security with

  • Highest Purity guaranteed (99.5%).
  • Start buying paper gold with as low as Rs. 500 monthly.
  • Easy Liquidity similar to the physical Gold.
  • Tax Efficient.
  • Cost Efficient and no storage charges or locker expenses.
  • No impact by devaluation cycle in comparison to Physical Gold.


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